Wildfire Season is Here

In recent years, California experienced some of the most destructive wildfires ever seen, and this year will not be an exception. SDG&E makes every effort to help protect the region against the threat of wildfires and its highest priority is the safety of its customers, employees and communities. SDG&E continues to improve and strengthen their equipment and structures and build a wildfire safety program that includes the following:

  • Implementing over 100 cameras to monitor weather and fires
  • Managing over 230 weather stations provide readings of wind speed, humidity and temperature
  • Upgrading 26,000 wooden power poles to fire-resistant steel poles
  • Inspecting and trimming 455,000 trees near power lines
  • Year-round aerial inspections of power and gas lines via 25 drones
  • Deploying 4 helicopters to help with water drops and patrolling electrical lines


Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS)

If dangerous conditions are present, SDG&E may shut off power as a last resort to keep the community safe. Public Safety Power Shutoffs can last until fire risk conditions no longer pose a threat. SDG&E’s electric enhancements have led to a 25% – 30% reduction of customers impacted by PSPS compared to 2019. Download the new SDG&E app, “Alerts by SDG&E”, to stay informed about PSPS events at sdge.com/pspsapp. You can track affected addresses during a Public Safety Power Shutoff even if you are not a direct customer of SDG&E.


SDG&E Community Resource Centers

SDG&E’s ten facilities serve as locations where impacted residents can get fire preparedness materials, ice, water, snacks, car power converters, small solar-powered batteries and radios and up-to-date outage information. Learn more at sdge.com/resource-centers.


SDG&E’s Wildfire Safety Drive-Thru Fairs

You’ll receive safety tips and information on how to stock an emergency kit, develop an emergency plan and design or modify the space around your home to help resist wildfire, without ever leaving your car. Preparedness backpacks and buckets will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis while supplies last. One backpack per car. Learn more at sdge.com/fairs.

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