Volunteers in Fallbrook, making transportation possible

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For the past twelve years, Fallbrook resident Bruce Summers has used his own car to drive seniors and disabled adults to medical appointments outside the Care Van’s service area of Fallbrook. As a volunteer driver for the Foundation for Senior Care’s Expanded Rides Program, he enjoys conversations with his passengers and knowing he is providing a greatly needed service.

Be like Bruce! We are seeking volunteers for our Expanded Rides Program which provides rides to seniors and disabled adults to medical appointments outside the the greater Fallbrook area. Volunteers using their own vehicles, help local residents get to medical appointments throughout most of Northern San Diego County, and the Temecula and Murrieta areas of Southwest Riverside County. Since it’s inception in early 2015, the program has provided over 800 rides. “Most rides take three to four hours round trip,” said Alyce Guerrero, the Foundation’s Transportation Scheduler. “The driver and passenger usually chat during the drive to and from the medical appointment so it’s a pleasant experience for both of them. Volunteers choose the days and hours they’re available, and seniors call to schedule rides at least five days in advance so both the driver and passenger know ahead of time they have a committed time together. It’s an essential service to seniors and disabled adults who can’t drive, and our volunteer drivers just feel really good knowing they’re making such a valuable contribution and possibly even making a new friend.” To apply as a volunteer driver or to schedule a ride, call 760-723-7570.


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