The Foundation for Senior Care Adds Ashley Hancock to Advocate Team


Last year, the Foundation for Senior Care saw a 46% increase in Care Advocate services according to Executive Director Rachel Mason. “Hiring an additional Care Advocate was essential to addressing the need that exists in our ever-growing larger senior population,” she said. “And Ashley Hancock, now our third Care Advocate, is the perfect fit wAll Postsithin our agency and the community. She’s just the right person, with the right education, experience, and heart to join our Care Advocate team.”

Ashley said she first realized her passion for helping seniors as an intern earning her Masters Degree in Social Work. “I was conducting individual and group therapy for seniors who were being abused,” she said. “That’s when I decided to focus my career on helping seniors. I’m excited to be working at The Foundation because everyone who works here sees each and every person who contacts us as a whole individual and helps that person in every way they can. I love that I’m now part of advocating for seniors, making sure each one is seen, heard, and loved.”

One of The Foundation’s Care Advocate’s, Susan Baglien, noted how adding Ashley to the team has already made a difference in many lives. “Ashley has quickly stepped in and become an essential member of our team,” Susan said. “She has a lot of experience helping people in need and has a true heart for seniors.”

The Foundation added five hundred new clients last year and provided 5,436 points of service, Executive Director Rachel Mason noted. “Having Ashley on the team also frees up our other Care Advocate, Darlene Weber, to focus exclusively on hospital and skilled nursing discharges in our Door-Through-Door Hospital to Home program.”

Since Fallbrook is an unincorporated area of San Diego, Rachel noted, residents do not have access to services that a city has available, so seniors are especially vulnerable and must rely on nonprofits such as The Foundation for Senior Care.

In addition to senior advocacy services, The Foundation for Senior Care also offers transportation services and Adult Day Care services at “The Club”.

The Foundation depends on business and individual donors to provide these essential services to the community. It is located at 135 S. Mission Rd. in Fallbrook, CA. For more information on the Foundation for Senior Care visit, Tax ID 95-3389263



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