Seniors when you use energy will matter this year

Throughout California, businesses are already paying electricity costs based on when it’s used. Residential households will start making the switch to Time-of-Use pricing plans in March. These plans give you more choice and control for managing your energy use. With these plans, prices are lower all day except between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m.

How it works

With Time-of-Use, when you use energy is as important as how much you use. With these pricing plans, energy prices are different based on the time of day. Each day is broken into different time periods; on-peak, off-peak and super off-peak.

Energy costs are lower during off-peak and super off-peak time periods and highest during the on-peak period. No matter the size of your household, shifting some of your energy habits can have a positive impact on your monthly bill.

What’s the timing?

Residential customers will begin to transition to Time-of-Use pricing plans in March. Be on the lookout for more details in the mail. If you want to learn more, watch our videos at

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  1. Highly instructive post. This can be of great help in reducing monthly utility bills by controlling the timings of energy use. Also, by saving energy we can be of help to those who don’t have electricity in their homes.

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