Seniors and Self Neglect

Our Care Advocacy program often runs into cases of seniors and self neglect. The sad thing is that we are not typically the first people to spot it. Indeed, many neighbors, landlords, and service providers are often aware that the senior is in distress, but just don’t know what to do. Here’s the link to Adult Protective Services and information about how to proceed.  Or, if you are in our service area just call us 760.723.7570.  If you witness a life-threatening situation involving a senior or adult with disabilities, immediately call 911.

Contact our local Adult Protective Services agency at 800-510-2020 anytime you observe the following:

  • Appearing disheveled, routinely in soiled and/or rumpled clothing
  • Appearing with strong odor of feces or urine
  • Displaying matted or lice-infected hair
  • Appearing malnourished and/or dehydrated
  • Appearing inappropriately attired for climate
  • Living with serious untreated medical conditions and refusing treatment
  • Living in squalor, dilapidated building or other hazardous situations
  • Challenging to safely exit or enter residence due to hoarding/cluttering

There’s no easy answer, but being a good neighbor may meanarticle-2237126-11D51D64000005DC-414_634x422 neglected senior image saving a senior’s life.

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