Seniors are you ready to drive electric?

There are many perks to driving an electric vehicle (EV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). You help lower greenhouse gas emissions in your community, save on fuel and maintenance costs, and qualify for tax breaks. EVs are stylish and perform well, generating peak torque from a standstill. Watch a Tesla leave a Corvette in its dust! EVs have gone mainstream: you can find options for everything from sporty compacts and family sedans to SUVs and even high-performance hot rods! Home charging units have become sleeker and faster, and more and more charging stations are being built around town.

PlugStar™, a collaboration between Plug in America and San Diego Gas & Electric, simplifies the EV shopping experience. An online shopping tool provides everything you need to make your EV transition. Visit to find information on EV options, pricing, rebates and incentives, and charging. You can also connect with a local PlugStar Certified Dealer who is trained to help you select an EV that’s right for you, your budget and lifestyle.


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