Referrals & Support

Resources, Referrals, and Support Advocacy

Our Senior Care Advocacy program ensures that seniors and disabled adults have access to local resources and national entitlements to manage their healthcare, safely maximize their independence, and enjoy an enriched quality of life. We work to remove obstacles, educate, connect to needed resources, and provide hands-on guidance and support.

Whether healthy and active, or hungry and homeless, our goal is to provide all seniors with the help they need. Our experienced and resourceful Referral and Support Advocates have backgrounds in social work or human services. When necessary, they do a comprehensive and thorough assessment for physical and mental wellbeing, food insecurities, health conditions, mobility, home/environmental safety, financial stability, housing stability, and social/family support. When we can help in-house, we gladly do so, and we also have key partnerships with many other community organizations, allowing us to offer a wide range of solutions. From a simple referral for an affordable plumber, to recommendations for reliable and trustworthy caregivers, to help applying for Medi-Cal or VA benefits, our Referral and Support Advocates have the expertise, resources, and care to help wherever needed.


Advocacy Across a Variety of Services

Our Referral and Support Advocates collaborate with a number of local organizations and government offices to ensure the broadest scope and highest quality of service and care for our seniors and adults with disabilities. Below is a list of some of the services and referrals we offer our clients and their families.

Assisted Living

Recommendations, applications


Referrals for in-home, temporary and long-term, assisted living, skilled nursing care


Technology classes and seminars particularly relevant to seniors – computer and phone help, phone scams, nutrition for aging, fall prevention, etc.

Elder abuse and neglect

Financial, physical and mental abuse, undue influence, caregiver neglect, self-neglect due to physical or mental issues

Financial assistance

Utilities assistance, medical bills, special needs
Fiduciary referrals

Health and wellness

Doctor visits, hospice info, home health options, vaccinations, medical insurance

Hospital recovery support

Coordination of care and resources post-hospitalization


Affordable housing, rentals, shared housing, Section 8 assistance, redeterminations, landlord mitigation, chronic homelessness, handyman and other home service referrals

Legal Issues

Understanding, referrals, and assistance with power of attorney, guardianship, fiduciary conservatorship, elder abuse, advanced medical directive, patient’s rights, restraining orders, civil and criminal issues, fair housing practices, undocumented issues, traffic court


Overview and application assistance, annual redeterminations

Medical equipment loans

Wheelchairs, walkers, commodes, home safety equipment, etc.

Mental health

Supportive referrals for mental and behavioral disorders, dementia, medication and alcohol dependencies

Nutritional needs

Help enrolling in immediate and ongoing programs, meal and food delivery, holiday meals

Safety issues

Home assessments, wellness checks, life alerts, fall prevention

Social Security

SSI overview and benefits, application assistance, Medicare support


Local rides, out-of-town (health-related) transportation, wheelchair transport, rides to and from our Adult Day Care facility, grocery deliveries

Veterans' programs

Benefits overview, application assistance, coordination between military and civilian agencies

I think the Referral and Support Advocates, and the other folks at the Foundation For Senior Care, are heroes. We are at such a disadvantage here in Fallbrook with limited resources. But you always go above and beyond to help us.

Susan R.

Referral and Support Advocacy

Need A Ride?

Door-to-door rides in our comfortable Care Vans
Adult Day Care Center

Need Adult Caregiving Or Respite?

Trusted, daytime, adult caregiving
Hospital-to-Home Transitions

Need Support After A Hospital Stay?

Door-through-door hospitalization recovery support
Senior Education

Need To Know How And What?

Technology classes and informational workshops