Computer Learning Center For Seniors


Living a happy, healthy, and independent life is something we want for all of our seniors. In today’s world, being able to live independently all but requires you to know how to use a computer. Even though, for older Americans, computer literacy is still far from ubiquitous. Our belief is that you are never too old to learn something new, which is why we provide folks with the chance to develop computer skills hands-on in our Computer Learning Center.

This is Just One Way in which we seek to enrich the lives of those in our community who are older or who are disabled. If your older friend or family member could benefit from some computer training, we encourage you to give us a call to learn more!

Learning How to Use Computers and the Internet

What we provide is not a master-level Computer Science class. It is focused on the kinds of everyday computer literacies that can make life a bit easier, a bit more fun. We teach some computer basics, and also show folks how to effectively use the Internet and social media. Our classes in the Computer Center are open adults who are 50 and older. Those who participate will get plenty of hands-on practice and personal attention from our instructors, all of whom are skilled computer technicians with a passion for teaching.

Our classes are limited in size, usually consisting of about eight people. This makes it easy to get individual help, but it also means that, if you want a spot in a class, you should call right away to reserve one!

Computer and Internet Class Schedule

Our classes typically run for two hours a day, one day a week, four weeks total. The cost per class is $40, and again, we only allow about eight into each course. It is strictly on a first-come, first-serve basis, so we encourage you to make your reservation sooner rather than later. To see a schedule of our current and upcoming classes, you can visit This Page.

Ultimately, the Computer Learning Center is another example of how we try to enrich the lives of seniors in our area. That is our passion, and indeed Our Mission. To learn more about the different services that we offer, we encourage you to explore our website further, or contact our office at your leisure.

Senior Techs

Our Computer Learning Center is volunteer staffed by a number of caring and supportive seniors who know computer basics and also know how to communicate well with older folks. Our current Computer Volunteers include:

Russ Hatfield
Bob Cebulski
Mike Mercado
Irv Rudderow
Jaycita Byrne
Obie Weeks
Susan Weeks
Elaine Pedigo
Ted Kubitz
D’Ann Kubitz
Jack Schnabel
Len Tevebaugh
Dan Wise

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