Our History

Serving Seniors for More Than 40 Years

Founded in 1979 in Fallbrook, California, the original predecessor of the Foundation for Senior Care was known as the Fallbrook Hospital Foundation, whose mission was to raise funds to help supply the local hospital with its equipment needs. In 1998 the nonprofit Fallbrook Hospital Foundation became affiliated with Community Healthcare Systems (CHS), a for-profit company. To align with the new partnership, the Fallbrook Hospital Foundation revised their name to the Fallbrook Healthcare Foundation (FHF) and took on a new charge focused on researching and addressing the healthcare needs throughout Fallbrook. After speaking with local doctors and other community organizations, the FHF discovered there was a real need for caregiving for adults with dementia (and other memory-loss issues), as well as a growing need for senior-related education.

In response to these findings, an adult day care facility was opened in 2000, as well as a resource center to provide seniors with computer and other technical classes (SeniorNet). At that time, the FHF was also instrumental in exploring several senior and community healthcare projects – a drug rehab center, Project CARE, and the Healthcare Resources Center.

The FHF continued to evolve in response to the community’s needs, and in 2004 formed the Care Van Transportation program, and established the Support and Referral Advocacy program the next year. In 2008, by now focused solely on seniors and adults with disabilities -- and wanting a name to reflect that -- the FHF formally announced a new DBA name – The Foundation for Senior Care.

Today the Foundation remains committed to the original spirit of the FHF – to support the physical and mental wellbeing of others – and we continue to reach out to our seniors, adults with disabilities and our community via our key services: transportation, support and referral advocacy, recovery support from hospital-to-home, senior education, and adult day caregiving.