Looking for Signs That Your Parents Need Care

signs-care-boy-helps-grandmother-set-holiday-table-fscblog1The holidays are coming, and with them, the opportunity for plenty of time spent with friends and family. This can be a joyous thing, but also a difficult one—especially if you spend time with aging parents whose physical and mental health seems precarious to you.

This is a sad but normal part of growing up: Eventually, your mom and dad will begin showing signs of age, and you may find yourself wondering whether it is time to encourage them to seek adult day care or even assisted living.

As you are with your parents over the holidays, be on the alert for certain warning signs and red flags. A few of them are as follows:

  • Wandering — getting lost or taking a needlessly long time to make even a simple trip, like from the living room to the bathroom.
  • Sundowning — agitation or restlessness in the evening, leading up to bedtime.
  • Aggression — verbal or physical actions that seem confrontational or needlessly harsh.
  • Lapses in personal hygiene or grooming
  • Home safety issues — tripping, falling, etc.
  • Letting things go around the house — piles of clutter, dirty laundry, dirty dishes, etc.
  • Changed eating habits — skipping meals, etc.
  • Driving issues — fender-benders, accidents, speeding tickets, etc.
  • Financial struggles — unpaid bills piling up, etc.

Something else to be mindful of is caregiver stress. If you or a sibling provides regular or semi-regular care for your parents, and if you are finding it to be increasingly challenging and emotionally draining, that is reason enough to have the talk. Speak with your parents about options in adult day care, and share with them all the reasons you love them and are concerned for them. The holidays will present a great time for you to watch, witness, and ultimately make a decision about what to do next.

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