Impact Stories

Heartwarming Impact Stories

We often meet a client when they are in the worst of a situation and have exhausted most other means of support and solutions. The stories below are refreshing reminders that our hard work and your generous donations really can change the trajectory and outcome of a situation.

Jack and Diana

Diana has been bringing Jack to our Adult Day Care Center five times a week for several years now. Jack has short-term memory challenges, so his days at the Center are filled with activities to help stimulate memories, exercise his brain and keep his body moving. Jack and Diana did a lot of dancing in their younger years, so Jack often shows the other guests at the Center his ballroom dance moves. Sometimes he sits quietly working on his motor skills with a deck of cards, or he may decide to burst into song. Jack’s favorite song is I’ve Been Working On the Railroad,  because . . . well . . . he actually used to work on the railroad – and that song evokes fond memories for him.

While Jack is at the Center, Diana uses her free time to pick up the house, call her daughter, or volunteer at the local thrift shop. Basically, Diana is able to get the much-needed break from caregiving that she really needs, while still having peace-of-mind knowing that Jack is getting the interaction, companionship, and caregiving he needs.

On the days that Diana is unable to bring Jack to the Center, one of our Care Vans will pick him up and take him home at the end of the day, and our Support and Referral Advocates regularly check in with Diana to make sure that she has all of the information and community resources she needs to help her and Jack continue to live together safely and in their own home as long as possible.

All of our Adult Day Care Center clients receive personalized attention and caregiving based on their specific needs.

It's a Parade!

After a full day of activities, several guests of our Adult Day Care Center were being driven home in one of our Care Vans – and unfortunately they got stuck in some pretty slow construction traffic. Seniors with cognitive challenges can experience great anxiety at times, and the stalled traffic was clearly affecting some of the riders. Our experienced driver understood this, so she rolled down the van windows and suggested they all pretend to be in a parade. For the rest of the way, our clients waved at every car passing the other way – turning jitters and anxiety into fun and smiles

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make a difference in a person’s life.

Carol and Art

Things can get very competitive at “The Club” and BINGO is no exception!  Carol and Art teamed up to ensure Madeline did not secure another win.  Sometimes, fun and games are not just fun and games.  It provides opportunities for people to connect.  It is so sweet to see Carol and Art holding hands. Human touch is so vital; it has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, and immune disorders.

The Club provides activities and opportunities for people to form meaningful relationships that promote health and wellness all while having good fun! 


Debbie is a volunteer who goes to seniors’ homes to facilitate a  book exchange. Some of our clients are homebound, but are avid readers, so thanks to Debbie, these seniors have fresh new stories to enjoy. Debbie could very well be their only visitor that week, so she often lingers to hear their stories as well.

Exchanging a book, a story, a smile – can do wonders to lift the spirits of a homebound senior.


Gayle’s mother moved from the East Coast to Fallbrook in order to live with Gayle, so all of a sudden the responsibility of mom’s care is all on Gayle’s shoulders. Gayle works during the day, so she needs caregiving help for her mom, but she has no extra budget to pay for it. Our Referral and Support Advocate helped Gayle apply for Medi-Cal and explained how those benefits may work to provide both mom and Gayle with needed resources. Gayle was very appreciative and stated that she would have never known where to start without the help of the Foundation for Senior Care.

It can be as small as a simple referral or help with a form that can turn an overwhelming situation into a step-by-step solution.


Gigi lives alone in Fallbrook. Her granddaughter lives close by, but she works 40 hours a week so she is not able to visit that often. Linda, one of our Care Van drivers, delivers groceries to Gigi every week, and sometimes brings flowers or stays a while to visit with Gigi. Gigi says that her flowers “smile at me every morning.”

Our drivers take as much time as needed to connect with our seniors and make sure they are “heard.”


Leonard  is a low-income, formerly homeless, disabled veteran who came to us looking for assistance with paperwork. Leonard struggles with dyslexia and was overwhelmed by the many notices he was receiving in the mail. In addition to helping Leonard sort out his paperwork, our Support and Referral Advocates were able to connect him with local and county resources, including assistance with Section 8 housing paperwork, signing him up for free rides with our transportation program (through Traveler’s Aid), connecting him with the Fallbrook Food Pantry for food box deliveries, enrolling him in one of our Fix-It-Friday classes to help him navigate his phone and keep in touch with his brother in Ohio. We also helped to enroll him in one of SDGE’s assistance programs in order to help reduce monthly utility expenses.

This is just a fraction of what our referral and support advocates might do for any one client.


Loretta lives in De Luz and has recently had foot surgery. Every week one of our Care Vans picks Loretta up and brings her into town for an appointment with her podiatrist. While she is in with her doctor, our driver will run over to Major Market to pick up some groceries for her, run to the pharmacy for her prescriptions, and then circle back to pick her up and take her home.

Our Care Vans are on the go all day long with these types of ride services and errands.


The Adult Day Care Center provides opportunities for people to tap into their skills!  Art and Celeste enjoyed playing a duet on the piano.  Art was so surprised that he was able to remember the arrangement -- and play it flawlessly!

It’s amazing what the mind and body can remember.