Donate an Item or Service

Donate an Item or Service

Donations of specific items or a special service are always welcome and appreciated. These types of gifts make a tangible and immediate impact in someone’s life.

Donate a Specific Item in General

Durable medical equipment: wheelchair, shower chair, grab bars, raised toilet seat, incontinence supplies

Gift cards for local grocery and big-box stores like Walmart or Target (for emergency food and supplies)

Small appliances: microwave, toaster, etc.

Donate a Specific Item for Our Adult Day Care Center

Sturdy, reusable plastic glassware (12-18)

Flatware (lightweight) service for 12-16

Easy grip bendable, weighted and/or right-handed angled spoons and/or forks for limited or weak grasp (2-3 each)

Arts and crafts supplies – fabric, craft papers, markets, stickers, etc.

Gift cards for grocery and big-box stores like Walmart or Target (for emergency food and supplies)

Provide a Personal Service

Teach a movement or skill class at our Adult Day Care Center

Provide the centerpieces for our annual gala

Take photographs or videos at one of our events

Put a couple of our senior clients on your regular landscaping route

Provide carpenter or handyman work – build a ramp, fix stairs, replace ceiling fans, install deadbolts

Provide a Personal Service for Our Facility

Build shelves, install hooks in sheds for organizing and storing durable medical equipment

Build lidded enclosure for trash cans

Build small outdoor broom/mop closet

Clean and organize our Adult Day Care crafts and game closets

Clean and organize a storage room

Help plan for a landscaping refresh for our memorial garden

Research and advise on security gate system options

If you would like to donate an item or service, call the Foundation at 760-723-7570 and ask for Perla Hurtado.

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