Benefits of Socialization for Seniors

socialization-group-seniors-playing-cards-retirement-house-fscblog1As seniors get older, it’s important for them to stay active physically and mentally. This can be challenging if they no longer drive, have limited income, or don’t have friends and family nearby. Instead of getting out and about, they may spend more time alone in their home. Attending Senior Day Care can be a wonderful way for older adults to socialize with others and have a change of scenery.

When a senior attends Senior Day Care, they are able to get out of their house which reduces isolation and can in turn decrease risk of depression. Spending too much time alone can take a toll on their mood and mental well-being, while being around other seniors is an opportunity to laugh and have a good time.  Socializing at Senior Day Care can have many other benefits as well.

Stimulates the Mind

Seniors can reminisce with friends, talk about current events, share stories, and keep their mind active. Foundation for Senior Care’s Day Care program offers a variety of activities such as cooking, playing games, making crafts, watching television, exercising, computer learning, and much more. They can try new things and engage in hobbies that they enjoy in the company of others.

Gives a Sense of Purpose

Attending community programs can give seniors activities to look forward to. They can make plans to see friends they have made there, participate in upcoming events, or simply enjoy the time spent with others relaxing. In addition, they have access to resources such as Senior advocacy to address any concerns they may have and help them to make the most of each day.

Seniors who do not drive don’t have to worry about how they will get to the Adult Day Care Center – they can ride the Care Van which provides door-to-door service. There is no reason for seniors to spend long periods of time at home alone when they can be socializing with others as part of Foundation for Senior Care’s Day Care services.

Are you worried that your senior is spending too much time alone? Learn more about our Senior Day Care program!

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  1. My father-in-law is getting pretty old and my husband and I are starting to think we should look into getting him to join a senior community. Before reading this article, I hadn’t realized that doing so would give him a sense of purpose and things to look forward to. I can totally see how making plans can make each day worth-while for him. This is great information that I’ll definitely share with my husband.

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