The Benefits of Adult Day Care

Adult Day Care Old Woman Playing with Seniors.FSCBlog2Aging family members have some unique needs—and sometimes it is difficult to find a place where those needs can be met. This is especially true for those aging relatives and loved ones who may not particularly need the full, immersive services of an assisted or senior living residence, but do require some guidance and interaction during the course of the day.

One option that is available for these individuals is adult day care. Whether your loved one attends adult day care daily or a couple of times a week, there are some key benefits that are worth addressing.

Respite care: Care giving can be physically, mentally and emotionally overwhelming. Adult day care is an option for families and care givers to relax and recharge; knowing that their loved one is in a comfortable caring environment.

Socialization: One of the key benefits is socialization. Older adults understandably get lonely when they are left by themselves all day, and even those who are surrounded by family may wish to have some interaction with peers—people who are struggling with similar age-related issues. Plus, socialization can keep the mind sharp, engaged and focused.

Activities: Speaking of which, adult day care can provide a number of activities that help stir cognitive functioning—activities that might include puzzles, games, cooking, arts and crafts, music appreciation, discussion of current events, and more.

Safety: Do not forget that the onset of something like dementia can lead to real safety concerns, as can the more general effects of aging—frailty, poor balance, etc. Adult day care can provide a safe environment staffed by attentive, nurturing people.

Sense of belonging: Finally, adult day care can become its own form of community—a place where individuals can feel honored and connected to others, where they can feel a part of something bigger, where they can know that they are surrounded by people who care about them. That is important for all of us, regardless of age!

Consider adult day care as a potential way to address some of your aging family member’s needs.

Would you add anything to our list? Let us know!

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