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Please feel free to contact us today in order to learn more about the services we can offer your aging spouse, parent, friend or family member. Additionally, feel free to reach out to us with inquiries about volunteering, about current job openings or donations to the Foundation for Senior Care.

Senior Care Center

Our core belief at the Foundation for Senior Care is that all members of our community deserve to be taken care of, to be honored and protected as needed. This includes those who are advanced in years, those who are disabled, and those who may be struggling with some form of memory loss or dementia. These are the groups of folks we look after here in our day care center, and whose health and well-being are our primary focuses.

Ultimately, we aim to help the seniors of our community live happily and independently for as long as possible. We are a non-profit group, and we love meeting families from across the greater San Diego area and learning how we can help them to care for their older or disabled family members. We invite you to explore our site and learn more about the different services we provide.

About us

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We Offer Services and Resources for Seniors to Live Independently and Age at Home.

Senior Day Care

In our Senior Day Care, we provide a safe and supportive environment in which older folks can socialize, get out of their homes, be safe, and engage in fun activities throughout the day. Our Day Care is open Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., and hosts a number of activities that range from cooking to games, from crafts to entertainment. Scholarships are currently available for Greater Fallbrook residents, contact us for more information. Or click here to download scholarship forms.

Adult Day Care Services

Our Day Care Center is open not just to senior citizens, but to members of our community who may be struggling with memory loss or other disabilities. To this end, all of our activities are safe and engaging to the members of the group, and we even provide opportunities to build cognitive functions and keep the brain occupied. Scholarships are currently available for Greater Fallbrook residents, contact us for more information.  Or click here to download scholarship forms.

Senior Advocacy

We truly love working alongside senior citizens and helping to ensure that they are well taken care of. Our care advocates meet with seniors, often in the privacy of their homes, to facilitate one-on-one discussion of ongoing needs, be they medical or practical.

Senior and Adult Transportation

The Foundation also operates Care Vans throughout the week, which provide door-to-door transportation to seniors in need. We provide rides to our Day Care, to the grocery store and the pharmacy, and medical appointments. Advance reservations are required for the Care Van service; medical appointments are always given the highest priority.

Computer Learning Center for Seniors

Those aged 50 and older are eligible to come take computer and Internet classes from us in our Computer Center, where skilled instructors provide insight into some of the basics of personal computing. These classes are kept deliberately small—just about eight students in each one—to ensure that everyone gets plenty of personal, hands-on attention. As such, it’s important to sign up in advance!

Hear From Our Clients


leftMy mom, Yolanda, loves coming to the Club. She enjoys the other people, the staff and the activities. She told me “this is the best kept secret in Fallbrook! Everybody should know about it and what a gem of a place it is. I am going to tell everyone!right

Phil L. – The Club


leftThere are not enough words to express my gratitude to Susan, Senior Care Advocate and the Foundation for Senior Care, for negotiating a scooter for me. I can now live independently and get around by myself. Susan went above and beyond her call of duty to work with the various agencies in securing this scooter for me! Thank you ever so much.right

David J. — Senior Advocacy Client


leftThe transportation provided for seniors who can no longer drive has been a lifesaver for me. I can get food, go to the doctor, get a haircut – all without asking or bothering my friends. Fallbrook is truly blessed to have such a wonderful organization.right

Mac M. — Care Van

About Us

Though our Foundation was founded in 1979, it’s changed a great deal since then. Our original calling was as a hospital foundation. As the needs in our community have shifted, we have adapted to become a local provider of senior services; we work closely with families as well as law enforcement agencies, social services, and other non-profits to ensure that the needs of seniors are met, in particular those with memory loss. We strive to create ways for them to remain happy and independent in their homes for as long as possible.

Get Involved

Are you passionate about working with those in our community who have special physical and mental needs—with senior citizens and the disabled, in particular? If so, there may be a place for you here! We are always looking for passionate volunteers to help us provide care and support. Contact us to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Additionally, we occasionally have staff positions open within our non-profit. If you are seeking employment with us, be sure to get in touch to learn more about current positions and how you might ultimately fit into our team.


We are a strictly not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization (Tax ID 95-3389263), and most of our programs and services are funded through donations from the community and by competing for grant funding. We are grateful for this support, and encouraged by the people who believe in our vision and want to see us help bring it to fruition.

If you would like to join us in our work, we invite you to make a donation to us today, using PayPal. Note that the legal name of our organization, The Fallbrook Healthcare Foundation, will be displayed on your receipt.

We are dependent on your generosity, and thankful that you would consider supporting us!

Serving Southern California. Located in Fallbrook.

Though based in Fallbrook, we strive to make our services available to as wide a swath of our community as possible. What this means is that our service area extends throughout Northern San Diego County, and into the Temecula and Murrieta communities of Riverside County. Ultimately, we want to be as inclusive as we are able to be, all while remaining clearly tied and rooted to our home community.